why choose us?

quality garment care

  • We have decades of cleaning experience and are passionate to provide you with a high quality clothing care service for all your wardrobe needs.

Convenient evening hours

  • We will always arrive at your doorstep for pick up and delivery between 7-10pm to ensure a predictable, high quality experience each and every time, while fitting in as part of your busy schedule. Never home? We have options.

EASY ordering

  • Placing an order is as simple as texting “Y” to 647 722 4506 or ordering online on our website!

Friendly committed service

  • Customers are at the heart of what we do! We care and have a dedicated team available to help you out on the phone or via SMS everyday.

Our Journey

The origins of Vaundry began on a journey from Montreal to Toronto over 2 years ago when Natasha and her then future husband Harsha (our Co-Founders), both corporate professionals, realized their dry cleaning was always sitting in their trunk looking for an opportune moment to get to the cleaners. Clothing care was never convenient or reliable and always ended up being a dreaded chore for them. Getting food delivery was easy, a cab to a friend’s place was easy but why couldn’t Toronto have something as easy to take care of clothes?

Fast forward to 2016, where with Harsha’s passion & experience in technology and Natasha’s passion for clothes and fashion, Vaundry was created to re-think the way people look at clothing care. Together they are passionate about building unique customer experiences and strongly believe in delivering a trustworthy, convenient and affordable clothing care service to Toronto and beyond!  Vaundry is a highly customer focused service where we pick up your clothes, clean them with our partner cleaning professionals who have been carefully vetted and have decades of experience in the dry cleaning and laundry industry and then deliver them back to you promptly in order to deliver a high quality, consistent, and affordable service right from your door. We pride ourselves on making every customer happy, and that goes right to the fact that our founders regularly make deliveries to get your feedback and ensure you feel comfortable with using our service. We guarantee you will love our service!